Charisma Killers: The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking & How to Avoid Them

Hosted by
Dr Ali Binazir
June 20th | 10:00 am PDT | Show in my timezone

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Some of the cool, instantly usable stuff you'll learn:

The one hidden concept that's been determining the course of your life

Get this wrong, and your whole life stagnates in mediocrity, pretty much forever. Get it right, and the trajectory changes dramatically upward, with success building upon success.

The Three Qualities you want to convey when you speak

You need to know what to fix before you can fix it. These three qualities are what your audience are perceiving subconsciously and totally determine the way they perceive you and how your message is received.

The Three Channels of Communication

The Three Qualities are conveyed through the Three Channels. Know what they are so you can dial them in for maximum impact.

The Seven Charisma-Killing Sins

Most people are making these charisma-killing errors all the time, and are completely unaware of them. Why? Because they're happening at a subconscious level! I'll bring them to your conscious attention, and tell you how to stop these mistakes dead in their tracks.

The Super Charisma Approach

Some of the secrets of what we have taught to Congressmen, CEOs, entrepreneurs, students, lawyers and managers to help them catalyze their effectiveness to ever greater heights.

The Ultimate Meta-Skill

Public speaking and charisma are skills that enable every area of your life: work, finance, dating, relationships, you name it. And yet, it's one of those topics that our formal education has barely touched. What's up with that?!? Join me so we can rectify that glaring shortcoming in our education and get you started on some greatness!


About Dr Ali Binazir

Hi there! I'm Dr Ali, your instructor for the webinar. I'm one of the executive communications trainers at KNP Communications, where we have collectively trained 80+ members of Congress, dozens of CEOs, and hundreds of students and entrepreneurs. I have been studying communication and persuasion for over 20 years and been invited to speak at three TEDx conferences.

I'm also the author of several personal development books, including The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman's Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible, the highest-rated dating book on Amazon.

I studied physics, biology and neuroscience at Harvard College, where I graduated magna cum laude. I also have an M.D. from UC San Diego School of Medicine and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University, and speak 7 languages. I love teaching and am thrilled that you'll be attending my class! We're going to have a lot of fun learning cool, new, incredibly useful stuff.

June 20th
10:00 am PDT